Patio Ideas – Now is the Time to Get Started!

Posted by on Feb 4, 2018 in Business |

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Summer is just around the corner so if you are considering adding a patio or deck, you best roll-up your sleeves and start planning. Depending on the extent of your patio remodel, you may need to obtain building plans and permits. If this is the case you will need to plan on at least two to four weeks for this process.You may find more information at cheap patio.

Layout: Begin with putting your ideas on paper. Using graph paper will help keep your lines straight and help with “dimensioning”. Once you have the broad strokes of your layout, the next step to better visualize your design is to head to the local hardware store and buy some “neon” line and some 12″ wood stakes. Now you can begin laying-out your design in your yard. Once you have staked-out the area, run the line and you will have a nice visual of how the new deck will alter the current look of your yard.

Material Selection: Next you will want to determine what materials will be used. This is an important decision as it will determine the amount of maintenance (or lack thereof) that will be needed going forward. Remember, even Redwood (one of the more durable materials for outdoor use) needs periodic maintenance to keep it looking “fresh”. Concrete is always a good “maintenance-free” choice for walkways and patios, and can be made to look like slate, brick and numerous other shapes. As well, you can use “colored concrete” to give it more “panache”. One of the newer products on the market are the “composite” products detailed below:

Composite Decking: This is a relatively new type of alternative to wood products. They virtually maintenance-free and stand up to the elements much better that wood. The products don’t fade and last much longer than other deck solutions. While these products can be more expensive than wood (on the front end) it will ultimately make up for it in maintenance (time and money) in the long run. There are numerous companies making these products now however, make sure that the product you choose has a valid “Evaluation Service Report”. This assures that it meets the requirements of most local building departments.

Size and Shape: Two important decisions that will affect the cost of the project are (1) how many square feet will the deck be and (2) what will the configuration be (square, oval, rectangle or a combination of all the above). Obviously, square or rectangle configurations will be more cost effective (labor and material costs) than other more “complex” geometric shapes.

Patio Covers: Once the deck is figured-out, now the choice of patio covers comes to the fore. Depending on the configuration of your deck, the patio cover can cover some or all of the deck. The cover can be open fully, fully or partially covered or shaded to provide you with the desired results. Each type has its own pros and cons. Keep in mind the lighting needs of the rooms adjoining the cover as (for example) a fully covered patio coming off the family room could significantly decrease the ambient light available through the windows and door.