How to Install a Cell Signal Booster

Posted by on Feb 23, 2018 in Business |

Image result for Cell Phone Signal BoosterMany people have problems on signals of their cell phones especially when they are at home or at work. These people have to go near the window or even go out just to get some signal for their phones. This will not be a problem anymore. The cell signal booster can provide better signal coverage even when you are inside your home or inside your office. The installation of the gadget is very easy and will just take a few minutes. These quick and trouble-free steps will help you install the cell signal booster:Learn more about them at

1. First, mount the outside antenna using the mounting objects that best suits your choice. You can choose from pole, wall, or window mount.

2. Next, the antenna should be connected to the signal booster using the coaxial cable.

3. Position the booster in the middle of the area where you want the signal to be amplified.

4. And lastly, power up the booster and now it is ready.

Signal that can be amplified may reach up to 15 feet from the gadget depending on the signal strength on the area outside of the building where is it located. Now, strong cell phone signal can be obtained without the hassle of going outside of the building you are in.

Another type which could help you reduce the possibility of dropped calls is the wireless signal booster. This can be very helpful especially when you are driving. The steps for installation of this type if signal booster is basically the same as with those mentioned above.

1. Make sure that you have all the necessary parts for the installation: amplifier, inside antenna, outside antenna, and power supply. Reading the installation guide that comes with the package would be a great help in order for you to visualize on where to put each of the parts.

2. Install the outside antenna first. This part communicates with the cell site. The center of the vehicle’s roof would be a great spot. The outside antenna comes with a magnetic bottom for easy installation.

3. Next, tuck the cable under the car’s door seal up to the floor.

4. Find a location for the amplifier, preferably away from direct sunlight. Attach the outside antenna’s cable to the amplifier.

5. Install the antenna 8 to 12 inches away from where the cell phone will be used. Then, attach its cable to the amplifier.

6. Finally, attach the amplifier to the power cable and then the power cable to the car’s cigarette power outlet.