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You hear these terms often: corporate social responsibility, cause marketing, community investment; but what does it all mean? And more importantly, why should you (as a business owner, consumer, employee, entrepreneur, citizen) care about it? Well, the answer is really quite simple: strategic community investment builds the reputational capital of a company and brings positive results.Image result for Company

So of course, why wouldn’t your company want to be responsible and give back to the community? You would think if your company donates money to a few different charities then you have performed your duty, you become dubbed a “good corporate citizen,” business grows and we all go home happy. Not quite. Before you go emptying your pockets left and right to any cause that pulls at your heart strings (because there are so many) you need a strategy. Does your investment in the community tie back to your business and marketing objectives? Your company’s contribution to the community is an investment, made with the anticipation that over time, there will be a true impact and bring a positive return.Find additional information at Randall Miller .

With the use of social media, these terms “CSR”, “cause marketing”, “community investment” all get thrown around. While they all mean different things, the terms seem to blend together in people’s minds. It seems like every day there is a new “cause marketing” campaign. That is because companies identify the need to act responsibly, and people want to live in a community led by philanthropic minded business leaders. It is no longer a question for companies of whether or not they should be involved in their community in a philanthropic way.

But when you start to see people talking about these terms across multiple channels of communication, you naturally start to wonder-is this real? Are these companies really making a difference? How do you decide the answers to these questions? Let’s not get caught up in the jargon and instead really look at the plan of action. Strategy, strategy, strategy. Does your community investment plan have one?

Galloway Group is a community relations, marketing and public relations firm specializing in strategic community investment for both businesses and nonprofits. We discover where business and community needs overlap and develop strategies that translate into both tangible and intangible equity for our clients.